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Kid Gloves

by Rhonda Buckley

Kate, a professor at Emerson University in Boston, returns to Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, where she was born. Research leads her to write a book on the horrific murder of a sixteen-year-old girl, Elfreda Pike, in 1870. Elfreda was found murdered, and her body left in a wooden path near a cliff. Fifty years later, Constable Furey, who headed the investigation, confessed on his deathbed that he was the man who killed Elfreda.

Zara, Kate’s assistant, encourages her to write her novel while still teaching. When writing one evening, Elfreda appears in Kate’s dreams as a schoolgirl in a one-room schoolhouse, and Kate summons the strength to save her from being murdered.

Kate walks to clear her head and meets Lux, a woman who is homeless, buys her dinner, and finds her a shelter. Kate realizes she wants to save Lux to reconcile Elfreda’s death. Later, Zara, is surprised to see Lux at their University, and when Kate suspects they know each other, Zara is forced to admit she knows Lux from her past life when she lived in a shelter and was an addict before she became a professor. Zara says they were girlfriends after she rescued Lux from an abusive relationship.

Zara and Lux start to rekindle their romance until Lux is lured back to a drug den, and as she tries to score drugs she walks into a trap and is attacked. Lux’s attackers know her father is a politician and they put her in her place for bailing on a drug payment. Lux lands in hospital where Zara and Kate try to piece her together, shredded both emotionally and physically. Lux is released into Zara’s care with a rigorous plan for sobriety in place and Lux gets the help she needs to straighten herself out.

Kate continues to dive into her writing and her research pays off, on a trip back home to visit her grandmother who raised her, she finds the letter from Constable Furey confessing to Elfreda’s murder. She releases her book to critical acclaim. Zara and Lux continue to support Kate’s writing and Lux is even inspired to return to school and become a professor.

As Kate and Zara get older, a class of eager students are unnerved to see the news footage from past years. Lux heads the class with critical thought and deliberation. Kate and Zara look on and are alleviated by Lux’s accomplishments and share a moment to say, “see sometimes the stars do align”.

Three women take on activism, street violence, and political fallout in the name of empowering women, as they dispel the myth of frail women, they are horrified by the cruelty they witness in today’s world.

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