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A film by Rhonda Buckley

Based on a true story: Narration is original text from The Express newspaper of 1870

Nora is consumed with solving the murder of a young woman, Elfreda, that happened in her hometown of Harbour Grace in 1870. The murder has become a symbol for Nora of how long injustice has persisted for women, including in today’s society. As a professor of gender inequality, she witnesses the milestones women have made over centuries that are now being obliterated. Nora returns to Newfoundland and from her research finds an article in the Express newspaper of 1870 describing the horrific murder of Elfreda Pike, a sixteen-year-old girl who was found stabbed. Supported by her colleague Vivian and a new friend Zoe, Nora decides to write a book and continues to hunt down details that will solve Elfreda’s murder and give her a voice 150 years later. Nora’s book launch of Elfreda discloses a historic letter she reads from a Constable Furey, who headed the investigation, and shockingly confesses on his deathbed 50 years later that he was the man who killed Elfreda Pike.

Elfreda is a short film using Super 8 and dramatic narrative to tell the story of a young woman’s life taken from her and to heighten discussions on violence towards women today. Based on a true story with original text from The Express newspaper of 1870 used as narration.

Rhonda is the producer, director, and writer with music by Cory Tetford and Lil Thomas and narration by Lois Brown. Starring Ife Alaba, Ebony Pharamond and Miranda MacDonald.

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