45 minutes

Vocation is a documentary on artists who knew from a very early age they wanted to be an artist. A decision that for them was instinctual and some may even say it is ‘a calling’ based on faith and perhaps even fate alone. Artists Andy Jones, Deepa Mehta, Marie Brassard, Christopher Pratt, Brad Peyton and Bif Naked are committed to creating work in theatre, literature, music, film and performance based on an innate desire to succeed while working in the precarious profession of art.

The Real Matriarch
45 minutes

The Real Matriarch takes a look at the politics, life and professions of four prominent women from Newfoundland and Labrador: Lois Brown, Barbara Doran, Edythe Goodridge, and Mrs. Sarah Sexton. Media clips and interviews showcase their vivacious personalities; entertaining, shocking at times, endearing, and ultimately great storytellers. Their work with women’s groups, aids patients, artists, filmmakers, and community groups is acknowledged nationally and internationally. Spanning four generations and while raising children they have held their battles wildly and never stepped down, always leaving a boardroom or a dining room in laughter.

As Barbara Doran says: “My mother was a widow when I reached the age of 2 and raised 8 children, when I go after something ‘Not doing it is not an option’.”

James Andersen: Over 50 Years of Taking Pictures
22 minutes

James Andersen: Over 50 Years of Taking Pictures is a culmination of photos, films that are brought to life with Andersen's own words. The James Andersen collection documents over 50 years of community life in and around Makkovik, Labrador. The stories that accompany "Uncle Jim's" work explain why for over 50 years he has never been without a camera as he documented daily rituals and life. Andersen does not shy away from telling these stories but shares them with conviction and with a voice that honours each event's importance; the church being rebuilt, fish being caught, and stories of sickness and death are each told with the same reverence. Andersen's collection has been called the "largest collection of photographs from a single community in Canada". It represents a remarkable record of community and family life in Labrador that will be passed on for generations.

People Who Stay
22 minutes

The King family is from Badger’s Quay near Greenspond, Newfoundland with over 40 family relatives still living there. The entire community has a population of only 400. Actor/musician Greg King takes us on tour of his family homes, and to meet his father and sister, who work at the hospital where they were all born. They tell of the importance of family and the irony of feeling worldly while connected to a small community in central Newfoundland.

Writer/Director: Sherry White.

The Genie nominated feature film has shown in over 30 international festivals including Perspective Canada Cannes, TIFF, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and won the Jury Special Prize at Torino Film Festival. Crackie was one of Canada’s Top Ten Films in 2009.

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